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  • start-up (start-ups) – недавно созданная компания

1. A start-up company is a small business that has recently been started by someone.

Thousands of start-up firms have entered the computer market.

2. A start-up is a small business that has recently been started by someone.

            For now the only bright spots in the labour market are small businesses and high-tech



Common Collocations


a business start-up – новая компания, работа         an Internet start-up – новая фирма в

start-up costs – затраты на создание фирмы           области Интернет - услуг

start-up company – недавно созданная компания  start-up capital – стартовый капитал


  • a business plan (business plans) – бизнес план

A business plan is a detailed plan for setting up or developing a business, especially one that is written in order to borrow money.

            She learned how to write a business plan for the catering business she wanted to launch.


  • lender (lenders) - кредитор

bank manager (bank managers) – менеджер банка

            business angel (business angels) – лицо, оказывающее финансовую поддержку

            venture capitalist (venture capitalists) – венчурный капиталист

            backer (backers) – спонсор

A lender is a person or an institution that lends money to people. A bank manager is someone who is in charge of a bank, or a particular branch of a bank, and who is involved in making decisions about whether or not to lend money to businesses and individuals. A business angel is a person who gives financial support to a commercial venture and receives a share of any profits from it, but who does not expect to be involved in management. A venture capitalist is someone who makes money by investing in high risk projects. A backer is someone who helps or support a project, organization, or person, often by giving or lending money.

            They were the six leading mortgage lenders.

            These files give details of your credit history and may have influenced your bank manager’s decision not to give you a loan.

            The number of companies financed by business angels increased by 51 year-on-year.

            AME has been given $ 45m worth of taxpayers’ funds to stimulate the growth of multimedia companies by acting as a venture capitalist.

            I was looking for a backer to assist me in the attempted buy-out.


  • stakeholder (stakeholders) – пайщик, акционер

Stakeholders are people who have an interest in a company’s or organisation’s affairs.

            The stakeholders in the workers’ compensation system – employers, workers and their representatives, and the legal profession – have strong opinions.


  • overheads – накладные расходы

running costs – эксплуатационные расходы

The overheads or running costs of a business are its regular and essential expenses, such as salaries, rent, and bills.

            We are having to cut our costs to reduce overheads.

            The aim is to cut running costs by $ 90 million per year.


Common Collocations


to cut overheads – сократить накладные расходы

to reduce overheads – уменьшить накладные расходы

to have high overheads – нести большие накладные расходы

to have low overheads – нести низкие накладные расходы

annual running costs – годовые эксплуатационные расходы

day-to-day running costs – ежедневные эксплуатационные расходы

to cover running costs – покрывать эксплуатационные расходы


  • cash flow – движение денежной наличности

break-even figure – показатель безубыточной деятельности предприятия

profit forecast (profit forecasts) – прогнозирование доходов

The cash flow of a firm or business is the movement of money into and out of it. A break-even figure is the amount of money a company needs to make over a particular period of time in order not to make a loss. Any more money it makes after this will be profit. A profit forecast is a statement or set of figures which aims to predict how much money a company will make over a particular period of time.

            A French-based pharmaceuticals company ran into cash-flow problems and faced liquidation.

            This should put the operation well on course for a break-even figure by the end of the year.

            Woolworths exceeded the profit forecast last year when it lifted profit 17 per cent to

$ 200 million.


  • budget (budgets)

The budget for something is the amount of money that a person, organization, or country has available to spend on it. The budget of an organization or country is its financial situation, considered as the difference between the money it receives and the money it spends.

            Some companies have a budget for external training.

            The hospital needs to balance the budget each year.

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